Welcome to the Live Edit Help page.

Once you have logged in using the username and password supplied to you will be able to add, amend and upload information and images to the Live Edit section of your web site.

Change password.
If you would like to change the supplied password to one of your own, click "change password". Enter your old password and your new password twice in the boxes provided. Click on the "Change" button to update your password. Should you forget your password, please contact support@editlive.co.uk and we will issue you with a new one.

Page Editor.
From here you are able to add and amend items and upload images. You are also able to change the page settings for your Edit Live section.

Adding an item. 

Click on the "add" link to go to the Add an item page.
Type in a title for your item and type in the text you require to follow the title.
You are also able to add a date for your your item to expire. Do this by clicking on the "select date" link. A pop up box will appear with this years calendar, and links to next year should you require your items expiry date to end next year. Click on the date you would like your item to end and the date will be entered into the expiry date box. Should you wish to amend this click on the "select date" link and amend. Should you wish your item not to have an expiry date, leave the box blank in the first instance of select the "no expiry date" link in the pop up date window.
To add an image to your text please see the paragraph below.

Adding a link
If you wish to add a link you will need to insert this bit of html code. Copy and paste it into your page where you wish.

<a href="pageyouwanttolinkto.htm" target="_top">

Just change the link between the " " to the page you wish to link to.

Once you are happy with your item click the submit button to save the changes. You will be redirected to the main page. Here you have the option of previewing your item by clicking on the "preview" link. You may also delete and edit items by clicking on the relevant links alongside your item.

Media Library. 
By clicking this link you are able to add images to your item. Once you have clicked this link please click the "Add picture" link and select the image you wish to upload by either entering the location of the image on your computer or browsing through your computer to locate the image you require. You can add Alternative text for the image and set the alignment for the image. You may leave these fields blank if you wish. Click the "Add" button, and the image will be uploaded. Please remember that only .jpeg's and .gif's are supported. You will be redirected to your media library with your image displayed. You can edit and delete the image by clicking on the links alongside the image. To add another image, click on the "Add image" link.

To add images to your text.
Place your curser in your text where you would like the image to appear, and click the "add" link under the image you wish to add. A reference number will appear in the text, do not worry, this will not show in the final Edit Live page. The image will align itself on the page according to what you set for the image. Remember, you can change this at any time by editing the image. To remove the image, delete the reference number along with the brackets.

Page Formatting. 
Here you can amend and change the main page settings. Fonts, text sizes, page colours etc can be set here. When you have made changes, click save and you will be redirected to the main page. Click on the "preview" link to see how your page is looking. If there are still things you would like to change click the "page editor" link and amend the settings again.

Logging out and Further help.

When you are finished adding to and amending your page, and are happy with the preview - click on the "logout" link to logout of the system.

Should you have any problems please contact support@editlive.co.uk for support.